Autosea Podcast005 - VAN OASIS


For our fifth segment of Autosea’s Podcast Mix series we have Melbourne young gun, Van Oasis! Van’s original tunes are a true reflection of his love for several genres and styles, such as house, disco and worldly beats.

Combining these with his background of percussion and drums, he creates extremely unique pieces that cannot be reduced to a single genre.

Ahead of his Autosea debut at Boney with Basic Soul Unit, we caught up with Van to ask him a few questions regarding his upcoming releases, Melbourne’s electronic music scene and his latest project, HomeTurf!

Autosea: You’ve been playing in and around Melbourne for quite some time
now, where it’s safe to say you’ve made quite the name for yourself. What
prompted you to start producing electronic music? Tell us a little bit more
about where it all began!

VO: It all started with my brother. He showed me Motor City Drum Ensemble’s
Dekmantel Boiler Room set, and I was instantly hooked with House and Funk music!
He then took me to Julio Bashmore in Melbourne a couple months later and knew
this was something I had to get onto. I started playing around on Ableton, brought
some turntables and self-taught for a while, but also had help from a bunch of close
mates when I started getting serious about producing and DJing.

Autosea: Your most recent EP – KILLERS//LOVERS came out a treat, and is a
favourite of ours over here at Autosea! What’s next for you on the producing
front? Are you working on anything at the moment?

VO: I have just finished a 4 track EP with a very talented producer under the alias of
Tony Chocoloney (whose name I’m sure you’re gonna see popping up everywhere
very soon). We only met a couple of months ago, but seem to of hit the ground
running and are super excited to drop these new tracks very soon! You can expect
some new italo/housey sounds and some really solid progressions, but still with that
little taste of Van on it.

Autosea: Your latest project, HomeTurf has been popping up quite a bit as of
late, especially following the release of a mixtape in December showcasing the
work of local producers, and a new weekly party at Ferdydurke – Come Down
With Me. Can you tell us a little bit more about HomeTurf, and where you plan
to take it in the foreseeable future?

VO: HomeTurf is a community/network based project, trying to develop an
environment to spotlight local music and arts from like-minded creatives. The
mixtapes have really helped ground us to create this organic network!

For the foreseeable future, I want to start artist management, continuing to cultivate
free mixtapes and get a collaborative vinyl record printed before the end of the year
filled with our favourite tracks from these mixtapes (and run a couple parties on the
way too)!

Autosea: Melbourne’s electronic music scene has been red hot for quite some
time now. Who are your favourite local artists? Anyone you recommend our
readers to keep an eye out for?

VO: Close Counters are amazing producers that just dropped a beautifully crafted
album! Highly recommend the tracks they have produced. Hell Beach Records act,
SHOUSE also dropped an amazing Vocal banger ‘Love Tonight’, which I actually
played the DJ Seinfeld Remix of in this guest mix. Sydney duo, Human Movement
have some really nice tracks in the works too which I can’t wait to see released, and
finally there’s my boy Mike Nolan who is a personal favourite of mine. His live improv
analog sets are out of this world and I am very keen on his upcoming releases too!

Autosea: Although quite different in their own right, do you prefer DJing or
producing? Is performing live something that may interest you in the near

VO: This is the hardest question of all! I love producing because I get in my studio,
create a zone and just vibe out making beats. It’s a place for me to use all my energy
into one single thing, and get so lost in the process of creating. On the other hand,
when DJing I get these natural highs when playing to a crowd. Seeing them vibing to
my selection, and their readiness for you to take them on a musical journey is the
best feeling and something I’m almost addicted to now.

Performing live has always been in the pile line for me. Seeing Harvey Sutherland
and his band is where it’s at, and I’d say that’s the kind of live style you would see
from me if I was ever to do so. Coming from a band background of drums and
pianos, who knows maybe Tony Chocoloney and I are considering doing it on our
new record.

Track List:

1. Mattieu Faubourg - Please Stay
2. Waterpark - Data Orb
3. Alphonse - Glint AM
4. The Normalmen - Momentum
5. Giraffi Dog - 351 Nation
6. John Heckle - 4am Chord
7. Ferd - Loverman
8. Manuel Fischer Remix - Marsupials
9. K-Alexi - The Dancer (Ron Trent Remix)
10. Earth Trax & Newborn Jr. - Hypnosis
11. SHOUSE - Love Tonight (DJ Seinfeld Remix)
12. Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)