Autosea Interview: FABIO NEURAL

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Italian DJ and producer, Fabio Neural continues to make a name for himself within the global music scene. Over the coming weeks the Italian tastemaker will be performing in both Melbourne and Sydney for PURE - a festival presented and curated by the King of Ibiza, Carl Cox.

Fabio began playing in local clubs during 2006, and not long after decided to dedicate his life to music. After attending sound engineering school, Microfusa in Barcelona to refine his technique and winning a DJ competition in Ibiza, Fabio decided to channel his focus towards producing; and since then has had tracks released on VIVa MUSiC, Terminal M and Natural Rhythm, just to name a few.

Ahead of his first show in Australia at Festival Hall this Saturday for PURE, we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with Fabio to discuss what made him want to pursue a career in music, past and present releases and what he’s got in store for the remainder of 2018!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us ahead of the Melbourne leg of the PURE 18’ tour! This will be your first time playing in Australia, how are you feeling about it?

Simply wow. I think I don’t even realise it. For me it is like a dream come true, as it was playing at Space Ibiza for the Final Chapter season. Like that time, I think I will understand that it is happening when I go up to the stage.

Whether it was buying your first turntable at the age of 17 or playing within the local club scene, what was it that made you want to pursue a career in music?

The energy and the emotions, I feel for the music and share them with the dancefloor; but I also see a lot of people dancing and evading life’s problems with your music.

Late 2007 saw you win a DJ competition in Ibiza, enabling you to perform on some of the islands most recognisable radio stations, including Ibiza Global Radio, Sonica and Europa FM. Do you feel that walking away with the grand prize was a major stepping stone for your career?

Well, I don’t think so. It was early for me. I mean, my real career still had to start in a proper way at that time. So it wasn’t useful for it. But it was for me, it was like, “Ok, it seems I’m able at DJing and people like it, so I will push hard with it!”

In 2010, you channelled your focus towards producing, with your first track Guru debuting on Steve Lawler’s label VIVa MUSiC. How did it feel having your first track release don a label created by someone of Steve’s calibre?

As you can imagine, it was great. It was a perfect way to start productions, but mostly a big encouragement shot to continue with it.

Autosea: Unlike a lot of producers these days, you were a DJ first. Do you think this forced you to make music differently to those that weren’t?

Mmmm, I don’t know. Possibly yes. I think the biggest difference is that I usually try to do something I like and that I think people will like to dance to, but nowadays it isn’t a point of help for me because there is a big business behind it and you have to follow specific sounds. I think this is what new producers often do, they don’t do what they really like. I understand a track must sell a lot, but in this way, we have a lot of similar music.

Whether it be your EP Porto Alegra being included in Pete Tong’s 500th Essential Mix, or your tracks Let Me Play and Brooklyn appearing on ten years of Terminal M; your productions continue to receive support from some of the world’s best. Receiving such support must be very encouraging, does it make you hungry to achieve more?

In a sort of way, yes. It gives me the power to go on, to improve my skills producing and to spend more and more hours in the studio.

Not only did 2016 see the King of Ibiza, Carl Cox, give your tracks Kora and Black Widow a thrashing all over the world, but he also invited you to play in Space’s main room for the final season of Music is Revolution. How did it feel to know that Carl thinks so highly of you and your productions?

Just amazing. I’ve been following Carl since I was young listening to his sets. He has been a master for me, not only with music but also mostly in life. He is always smiling and sharing his energy with people, I think it is wonderful.

He has been DJing for more than 30-years and he could be tired but he isn’t, he loves music so much and that makes me feel like a little boy, dancing and dancing while he is playing; so you can imagine how it is so important for me to have big considerations from him.

Following the PURE 18’ tour, what have you got in store for the remainder of 2018? Anything exciting you want to tell our readers about?

Yeah, I have some big shows with Carl. I will perform with him at Afrobar in Sicily and in another big Italian club in Italy that I cannot reveal yet. But I will also take part in Creamfields UK and Medusa Festival in Valencia.

Thanks for having a chat with us Fabio, we look forward to seeing you in Melbourne!

Thanks to you guys, Can’t wait!