Autosea Podcast003 - Julian Castles


For our third instalment of the Autosea Podcast Mix series we have none other than
Julian Castles! Julian’s versatility has helped land him an array of gigs at some of
Melbourne’s most loved institutions, including Revolver Upstairs, Boney (an Autosea favourite), Lounge and OneSixOne.

To celebrate the launch of his new project, Acid Rain Dance we caught up with
Julian to ask him a few questions regarding his new night, the Australian House &
Techno scene and his future ventures.

Autosea: You’ve been playing around Melbourne for quite some time now.
What prompted you to start DJing?

JC: I started messing around with production from quite a young age using programs
like Sony Acid Pro and FL Studio and I taught myself the basics of DJing on Traktor
when I was about 17, everything sort of came together when I got asked to join the
Mokumo crew in 2013 after putting some demo tracks up on Soundcloud.

Next thing I knew I was DJing quite regularly which was pretty amazing considering I didn’t really know what I was doing back then, I had to learn quickly on the job.

The real catalyst for me was having a few particularly inspiring nights at C Grade and
Survivor. When I heard proper underground House, Disco and Techno for the first
time it was like being a kid on Christmas morning. Exciting times!

Autosea: Having played at some of Australia’s most well-known venues,
including Melbourne’s own Revolver Upstairs. What’s your favourite venue to
play at?

JC: I don’t know if I could pick one favourite venue, I love Revolver because the
crowd is always up for it, I like playing downstairs in the cocktail bar at 161 because
of the freedom to play weird Down-Tempo sets with heaps of genre-hopping and I love New Guernica for too many reasons to list but the most memorable parties I’ve
played at have been in Warehouses and DIY spaces.

Autosea: A lot has been happening within the Australian House & Techno
scene recently. Do you feel as if it’s moving in the right direction? Who are
your favourite Australian artists at the moment?

JC: I think the Melbourne scene specifically is really over-saturated with events, but I
think that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Running parties can be difficult
sometimes because of the sheer amount of competition but it shows how much
enthusiasm there is for electronic music so it’s also brilliant, there are a lot of really
amazing parties in Melbourne. I think we should be proud of our scene in Australia,
we have some of the best music festivals in the world. I recently went to Dark Mofo
in Hobart and saw DJ Harvey perform in the City Hall, it was inspiring to say the

My favorite Australian artists at the moment? I’ve been listening to a lot of 1980s /
1990s artists: Severed Heads, Single Gun Theory, FSOM, Third Eye and DJ HMC of course. In terms of recent stuff: Tornado Wallace, Fantastic Man, Mike Callander. As for DJs the people that inspire me the most are my mates (you all know who you are!)

Autosea: On the 15th of September is the opening night of your new project,
Acid Rain Dance at Korova Milk Bar. Tell us a little more about that!

JC: I felt that there was a need for a dedicated Acid House night in Melbourne. I’ve
always been drawn towards Acid, Breaks and “Rave” Sounds and I thought it would
be interesting to base the music policy around that and see what kind of sets the
other DJs come up with, we have a really solid local line up featuring Eddie Example
(Mutant Dance), Roberto, Georgia Bird and Kaya Kalpa. I felt Korova was a perfect venue for the event because of the trippy and intimate vibe.

Basically the whole thing is a passion project between me and my friend Dom. We
want to provide a bullshit-free night of dancing and great tunes.

Autosea: What are your plans for the foreseeable future?

JC: At the end of the month I’m off to Burning Seed festival in NSW with the Pelican Villa Crew to DJ and help run our theme camp. Then I’m coming back to Melbourne to work on major project for my audio degree which is an 8-track album that should be released around mid-December, so stay tuned!

Track List:
1. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia
2. Clandestino – Quite Storm
3. Mike Ash – The Fizz
4. Tiga & Boys Noise – 100 (TRACE7000 Remix)
5. Bodhi – Grenada
6. Jordan (UK) – La Vie
7. Vin Sol – Cookies
8. Iron Curtis – Ensuite
9. Timboletti – Wrong Bottle
10. Lief Mueller – Fantastique
11. Schatrax – Mispent Years