Autosea Interview: Sven Weisemann


Words: Samantha howard

Despite Sven Weisemann’s young age, he’s been DJing since 1997. As a producer, he has developed his sound with influences ranging from Classic, Soundtracks, Soul, Jazz, Deep House and his ultimate favourite, Detroit Techno and US House.

Before he plays with Autosea at Boney on the 25th of August, he sat down with us to talk about buying his first record by Jeff Mills at the age of 12, working at a record store in Berlin, the constantly changing electronic music scene and sharing a bill with KiNK.

How do you feel about coming down under? It’s been 4 years since you were last here!

Of course I’m excited as always, visiting and playing in Australia is always a great and special thing for me. Melbourne especially is really great, the young people there are really open-minded and educated about music. I also can’t wait to play my first show in Brisbane… and of course to see some of my Australian buddies again!

Your original influences stem from your understanding and knowledge of classic, soul and jazz music. When did you start to pick up and play classical music?

It all happened at the same time, and it started with me playing piano and acoustic guitar. It was just my passion and feeling to play these instruments, and of course I was influenced by composers of soundtracks and stuff like that. I was around 16 when I started to play my favourite soundtrack themes and taught myself a couple of classical music and jazz pieces. That’s it really! And I just really love the piano as an instrument itself with its great sound, range in tone and design…

So how did you get into electronic music including techno and house?

I started when I was 12, and bought my first record at mBEAT Recordstore in Potsdam. It was Jeff Mills – The Extremist (Tresor 23). I eventually got a job at mBEAT Recordstore and stayed there for some years. Those times shaped my musical roots into soul, dub, New York House and many different styles. But it was with these influences that I started to produce music in 2001, I guess around when I was 17. My first release came out in 2005.

And how did you start incorporating your love for those classic genres into your own production of electronic music?

It was straight in the beginning because I was always a huge fan of soundtracks and classical composers. When I started to produce I was an avid collector of those genres already.

In the time that you’ve been making and playing music (over 20 years since 1997), how have you seen the music industry develop?

Oh a good question! In my opinion it is a double edged sword: nowadays there are too many good and talented artists out there with almost no chance of ever seeing the light (getting recognition), and then there are too many artists out there with no passion, no personality in their music to bring their DJ sets or productions to an timeless level (too much hype). Everything seems to be fast moving in the scene, so it is always good to take it slow, take a deep breath and go with your own flow.

Thankfully there are some artists out there who thoroughly deserve the hype they receive.

As a producer who has done work for all kinds of musical mediums, what advice would you give someone who wants to start composing themselves?

Find yourself. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself…

2017 has been a big year for you so far, sharing the bill with KiNK and Gerd Janson at Panorama Bar. What else is in store this year?

I have lots of new stuff coming out soon: my third DESOLATE album on Faux Pas music in September, my first EP on Echocord (finally!), a new release for my buddies FREUND DER FAMILIE (a collaboration with Rising Sun), working on a new MOJUBA album, and I hope I’ll always be traveling the globe to play at great parties for people with a passion for music.

Thanks for chatting with us Sven!